Special Synthetic Resin Compound.

is a plastic base thin coat compound developed by the Fürstlich Hohenzollernschen Werke Laucherthal GmbH & Co. This compound material is applied onto metal objects and heat hardened/burned in at temperatures of 180 - 210°C.

This compound material has been known by the name of ZSV Special Synthetic Resin Compound in Germany and abroad for over 40 years an is processed in various material compounds for an extensive range of uses
ZSV materials consist of diverse heat treatable resins which are modified by metallic, mineral or thermoplastic fillers and exhibit properties of the plastics and metals. The production programme encompasses seven materials versions, the base resin matrix and fillers being combines in different ways, thus making an extensive range of applications possible. Depending on the type, the ZSV materials are applied by the spaying method or whirl sintering method (immersion, flooding, sifting up). These methods allow intricate inner and outer contours to be flawlessly coated. Because of these possibilities the price of coating parts in series production as well as single part production is very reasonable. As a rule, the coarse coat thickness lies between 0.5 and 1.0 mm, depending on the coating method and it is workable with all common metal removal working techniques. The final coat thickness is usually approx. 200µm. For reconditioning this thickness can be increased to a maximum of 1.5 mm with the whirl sintering method. Coat thicknesses starting at 30 µm are possible for ZSV coatings produced by the spraying method.

The excellent technological properties of ZSV materials are a result of the synthetic resin systems used as matrix, the filler combinations, the heat-hardening method (optimizing the resin/hardener network), and the thin coat version.

Almost all objects of steel, bronze,non-iron metals and cast iron can be coated with ZSV materials. The coating of parts that have become useless through dimensional error or mechanical damage can be removed without changing the size of the part and are, therefore, reusable.

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