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The Nusser Kunststoff- und Beschichtungstechnik GmbH successfully produces a plastic – material – concept since 40 years, known as ZSV, which displays a speciality among coating materials in six differently modified qualities.

Additionally to the ZVS – coating programme we offer PPA, PE, PA 12 and PA 11 – Rilsan – coatings with the use of the whirl sinter technique. With this procedure coat thickness of several milimitres are achievable so that the layers can serve both in decorative and functional uses.

In our electrostatic powder coating facility work pieces of a length up to 9 metres, 2.5 metres width, 3.2 metres hight and wight per piece of up to 2000 kg, can also be efficiently processed as small pieces, in all current colours and qualities..

In the field of sandblasting technique (cleaning blasting, tarnishing, raw blasting and glass perls blasting) work pieces of a length of up to 9 metres and width of up to 4.5 metres can be processed.

If you wish to have further information, also about other coatings please do not hesitate to contact us via or phone +49 7572 711 341.

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