Powder coatings.

Powder coating – an idea is catching on

The importance of powder coating is gradually increasing.
With good reason!

The user is so enabled to put a high-quality, protective and decorative coating on metal in an economically and technically advantageous way. Powder varnishes are environmentally friendly as they are free of solvent and additionally very economical. In the process of powder coating all quality coatings are attainable by a cost saving single-layer coating application. The multi-layer coating, which is necessary for quality varnishes with liquid varnish, is not applied.

The Nusser Kunststoff- und Beschichtungstechnik GmbH offers you a full service of powder coating by a high degree of flexibility.
Major part
Spiral staircase

Work pieces of a length up to 9 metres, 2.5 metres width, 2.8 metres hight and wight per piece of up to 2000 kg, can also be efficiently processed as small pieces.

Your profits

  • Pre-treatment by one hand
  • Stain degreasing
  • Spray-type iron phosphating
  • No-rinse (chrome-free conversion layer) for aluminium
  • Powder coatings with all current powder systems and RAL-colours
  • Quick change of colour = quick delivery time

Being a flexible, innovative coating company we are pleased to lend you support as a competent and qualified partner – from pre-treatment of work pieces to the readily coated product.
If you wish to have further information, also about other coatings, do not hesitate to contact us via our contact site or via phone +49 7572 711341.

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